Bagel Satriano Recipe

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" Toasted bagel with grilled farm fresh egg, seasoned portobello mushroom and melted Provolone cheese, topped with RR Italian Peppers " - Rose Romano


1 Egg

1 Small Portobello Mushroom

1 tbsp of RR Italian Peppers

1 slice of Provalone Cheese

Salt & Pepper


In small nonstick pan, grill one egg.

In same skillet, on medium heat, grill small portobello mushroom (stem removed) seasoned with salt and pepper, two minutes on each side.

Assemble breakfast sandwich: one half of muffin, portobello mushroom,slice of Provolone cheese, fried egg, 1 TBS RR Italian Peppers and other half of muffin.

Heat in microwave 20-30 seconds to melt cheese and warm muffin.